Frequently Asked Questions

Must I provide my own sponsor?
NO – Willmar Fests assigns sponsors to all of our Candidates. If a family member/friend would like to sponsor a candidate, we are happy to help make that happen. The cost to sponsor is $700, and the sponsoring business will receive publicity at every event the candidates attend from May through June.

For more sponsorship information, please contact us at

Who selects the three new Ambassadors?
A panel of judges (a range from four to six) are selected to choose three Ambassadors who they feel will represent Willmar best. Their decision is strictly their own choosing, with no influence from the Willmar Fests Board of Directors, current Ambassadors, or Willmar community members. Their selection is based on information provided in the candidate applications, and as witnessed during all judged events.

What are the judges looking for?
Judging is based on overall impression including poise, communication skills, community and school involvement, sincerity and a warm, friendly personality. We are looking for a role model and a strong representative of Willmar.

Does Willmar Fests have a talent or swimsuit competition?
No, this is not a beauty pageant and does not have a talent or swimsuit competition.

Do I need to purchase clothing in order to be a candidate?
No.  Willmar Fests provides the candidate outfit that is worn at each event during the week of Willmar Fests. This outfit includes-candidate dress, sash with name and sponsor, shoes and jewelry. Other clothing required for the week of Willmar Fests includes one or two long formal gowns. We strongly encourage candidates to wear a formal that they already own or borrow from friends. Each of the formals worn during the formal events will be approved by the Candidate Coordinator for appropriateness. Other clothing needed during Willmar Fests week will be determined by the Candidate Committee and every effort will be taken to provide those items of clothing to the candidates at no cost to them or for the candidates to wear an article of clothing that is appropriate and approved by the Candidate Committee. Candidates will keep all clothing items after Willmar Fests week except those items borrowed from others for their use.

Can the candidate be married or engaged?
No, this program is open to candidates who have never been married nor engaged, are not pregnant or have children. If chosen, and upon accepting the title, the ambassador agrees that she will not become pregnant; she will not become engaged or will not marry during her reign. These rules are in conjunction with the Minneapolis Aquatennial rules.

Will I be disqualified if I miss a scheduled candidate event?
No. We do make exceptions for missed appearances for legitimate reasons, as long as we know in advance. But please note, if you miss an event, you may be missing a valuable opportunity for the judges to observe you.

If I am chosen as one of the Ambassadors, how much time is required?
Willmar Fests Ambassadors serve for one year. Most appearances are at parades and coronations during the summer months. The Ambassadors have a few scheduled appearances during the school year; however, Willmar Fests Board of Directors understands that school comes first. See the Willmar Fests Ambassador Tentative Schedule on the website.

Do I need to purchase clothing if I am chosen as a Willmar Fests Ambassador?
No, Willmar Fests provides each Ambassador a number of outfits that are to be worn at events they attend as representatives of Willmar Fests. These outfits may include but are not limited to Willmar Fests formal gown, crown, Willmar Fests sash, shoes and jewelry. All clothing provided by Willmar Fests must be worn ONLY for Willmar Fests appearances and must be properly maintained by each Ambassador. Any special care needed to maintain the clothing will be given to the Ambassador at the time the clothing is given out. Other clothing needed during the Ambassador’s reign will be determined by the Ambassador Committee and purchased by Willmar Fests. Ambassadors will keep all of their clothing after their reign except for those items that are designated as Willmar Fests clothing items. The Ambassador Coordinator will distribute clothing and will keep track of all items that are the property of Willmar Fests so that those items are returned to the organization for future use.

Can I still be chosen as a Willmar Fests Ambassador if I go to college out of state?
Yes. Most appearances are scheduled during the summer months, and we work around college schedules during the year.

What do I receive if I become an Ambassador?
Being an Ambassador is a very unique and rewarding opportunity. Each Princess and the Queen of Festivals will receive an educational scholarship of $1,500 at the end of your reign. You will receive attire for each of your events, which is supplied by the Willmar Fests Board. In addition, Willmar Fests Queen of Festivals will continue on to compete for Minneapolis Aquatennial Queen of the Lakes the following July.

How will my family be involved if I become a Willmar Fests Ambassador?
Ambassador parents play an integral role during their daughter’s reign as a Willmar Fests Ambassador. The Willmar Fests Board will transport and chaperone the Ambassadors to and from festivals. Ambassador parents are asked to prepare the Willmar Fests Float for each parade throughout the year. Parents work alongside the Willmar Fests Community Administrator to clean, prepare, transport, set up, drive, and take down the float at each parade. Parents are also welcomed to attend each of the scheduled appearances (at their own expense) to support their daughter throughout their reign.

What will I gain by participating as a Willmar Fests Ambassador Candidate?
You will enrich your personal and professional skills including poise, presentation and speaking skills and a greater confidence in yourself. This experience is a stepping-stone to a future professional career.