Willmar Fests Royalty

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Queen of Festivals - Malaya Yague

Malaya Yague is the 20-year-old daughter of Richard and Felicia Yague. She was crowned the 2024 Willmar Fest Queen of Festivals last June. During her four years at WHS, Malaya participated in Student Council, 2701 choral ensemble, numerous musicals, Minnesota Youth Symphony, All-State orchestra, and track and field. Malaya has enjoyed playing the violin through Augsburg University Suzuki Talent Education for 17 years. Malaya is currently furthering her education at Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL pursuing a social work major along with a certificate in violin performance. She is also working as a Master’s and Doctoral Enrollment Assistant in the admissions department and serving as an RA for 32 girls. Malaya’s future plans are to complete the Master’s in Social Work program within a year after she graduates with her bachelor’s degree. In her free time, she enjoys painting, singing, and spending time with friends.

Aqua Princess - Marisa Peterson

Marisa Peterson is the 19-year-old daughter of Steve and Kelly Peterson. She is a 2022 Willmar Senior High graduate. Additionally, Marisa also earned her Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Ridgewater College with the class of 2022. While in high school, Marisa was involved with a variety of extracurricular activities. Some of these include the school’s musical productions, culinary club, fire explorers, FFA, National Honor Society, among others. She spent 13 years dancing with Just For Kix and was an assistant dance coach for 3 of those years. Marisa is currently furthering her education at South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD. She is pursuing a degree in Business Economics with a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies. At SDSU, Marisa is involved in EMS Club, Swing Dancing, and Spanish Club. She also pursues her passion of dance as a part of the executive board of the International Dance Crew on campus, as the social media coordinator. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree this May, Marisa plans to return to Willmar, while working towards starting her own business venture in the future.

International Princess - Esmeralda Garcia

Esmeralda Garcia (Esme) is the 20-year-old daughter of Miguel Garcia Vasquez and Maria Hernandez Mendoza. She graduated from Willmar Senior High school in spring of 2022. Throughout her time at WHS, Esme participated in soccer and band. Following high school, Esme continued her education at Concordia College in Moorhead. She is currently working towards a double major in Elementary Education and Spanish. Esme is also apart of The Concordia Band and is a reading tutor for elementary age children. While on school breaks, Esme works for Willmar Walmart. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family, painting, listening to music, and spending time outside during her free time.

Willmar Fests Past Royalty

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Kaffe Fest Queens
1945-1946 Queen Phyllis Lundquist
1946-1947 Queen Beatrice Swenson Mattson
1947-1948 Queen Shirley Nelson Hutton
1948-1949 Queen Joan Hathaway Danberry
1949-1950 Queen Carol Berg Syverson
1950-1951 Queen Jean Benson Erickson
1951-1952 Queen Yvonne Erickson Anderson
1952-1953 Queen Betty Ann Voss Hemstad
1953-1954 Queen Betty Ann Finnegan
1954-1955 Queen Jackie Enger
1955-1956 Queen Nancy Oman
1956-1957 Queen Marilyn Dawson Altany
1957-1958 Queen Mary Olson Andrews
1958-1959 Queen Gail Nygaard Anderson
1959-1960 Queen Carmen Gilman Borstad
1960-1961 Queen Judy Halvorson Dahlseid
1961-1962 Queen Pat Burke Heimdahl
1962-1963 Queen Janet Iverson Sanderson
1963-1964 Queen Mary Sue Anderson Finney
1964-1965 Queen Nancy Blomquist Johnson
1965-1966 Queen Kathy Bredeson
1966-1967 Queen Shannon Paffrath Carbone
1967-1968 Queen Pat Fladeboe Hamann
1968-1969 Queen Cheryl Smith Halleron
1969-1970 Queen Jarolyn Worner Watkins
1970-1971 Queen Jackie Hauan Shook
1971-1972 Queen Debbie Hanson McMurray
1972-1973 Queen Cindy Klaassen Ohl
1973-1974 Queen Debbie Nelson Sheehan
1974-1975 Queen Roxanne Wensman Van Hauen
1975-1976 Queen Mary Beth Schwegman Arnold
1976-1977 Queen Beth McClain Thein
1977-1978 Queen Jodi Molnau
1978-1979 Queen Mary Jo Dillenburg
1979-1980 Queen Renae Schmidt Aspenwall
1980-1981 Queen Robyn Gilbertson Lyon
1981-1982 Queen Cathy Schueller Horning
1982-1983 Queen Michelle Vossen Martin
1983-1984 Queen Julie Peterson Christiansen
1984-1985 Queen Ann Rime
1985-1986 Queen Amy Peterson
Princess Amy Flick
1986-1987 Queen Kim Fladeboe Anderson
Princess Elizabeth Berg Leer
Princess Janelle Clark
1987-1988 Queen Lori Pirrotta Waltz

Willmar Fests Royalty

As you can see, Lori Pirotta was our last Kaffe Fests Queen, and also our first Willmar Fests Queen. We transitioned from Kaffe Fest to Willmar Fests in the middle of this year.

Maiden Last Name Current Last Name
1988 Queen Lori Pirotta Waltz
Princess Chris Meyers Newcomer
Princess Sarah Kodet Dalluge
1989 Queen of Festivals Amy Lapatka Dornbach
Aqua Princess Jennifer Klinghagen
Frameries Princess Becky Spartz
International Princess
1990 Queen of Festivals Sara Birkland Elliot
Aqua Princess Kristin Sommers
Frameries Princess Krista Welch Ahlman
International Princess Kathy Kimmel
1991 Queen of Festivals Sheila Berg
Aqua Princess Dawn Kimmel
Frameries Princess Sarah Reese
International Princess Jill Saulsbury
1992 Queen of Festivals Carrie Johnson Ogdahl
Aqua Princess Candace Powers
Frameries Princess Dawn Bauer
International Princess Heather Hannig
1993 Queen of Festivals Andrea Bolland Bach
Aqua Princess Annie Wilde
Frameries Princess Trena Holmgren Eller
International Princess Jodi Norberg
1994 Queen of Festivals Joy McDonnell Elskamp
Aqua Princess Amy Swanson
Frameries Princess Kristine Fladeboe Duininck
International Princess Emily Rhody Javens
1995 Queen of Festivals Sarah Nelson
Aqua Princess Sarah Quam Renneke
Frameries Princess Amy Backes Berskow
International Princess Melissa Johnson Hansen
1996 Queen of Festivals Jessica Hanson Wood
Aqua Princess Angela Nettland Nelson
Frameries Princess Mackenzie Erickson Bjorklund
International Princess Jessica Falk
1997 Queen of Festivals Shawn Haglund Moudry
Aqua Princess Jessica Mootz Freking
Frameries Princess Kristen Wagner
International Princess Hayley Horning Shibley
1998 Queen of Festivals Kelly Gahlon Buboltz
Aqua Princess Heather Miller Spaulding
Frameries Princess Addi Larson
International Princess Kelly Wickstrom
1999 Queen of Festivals Beth Ingebretson
Aqua Princess Courtney Kurtzbein Piekarski
Frameries Princess Sara Myhre Stadther
International Princess Jennifer Mootz
2000 Queen of Festivals Lisa Carlson Tomassen
Aqua Princess Selena Erickson Klein
Frameries Princess Janet Pederson Scott
International Princess Nicole Gilbertson
2001 Queen of Festivals Heather Rahn Westby
Aqua Princess Mary Kay Hanson
Frameries Princess Kelsey Myhre
International Princess Christina Holm Sandok
2002 Queen of Festivals Kaila Mikes
Aqua Princess Becky Carlson
Frameries Princess Jenny Quick Strangis
International Princess Rachel Albrecht Loney
2003 Queen of Festivals Laura Damhof Mueller
Aqua Princess Sarah Madison
Frameries Princess Hailey Gahlon
International Princess Nichols
2004 Queen of Festivals Kelleigh Tegels Nelson
Aqua Princess Kari Hawes Spieker
International Princess Chelsea Conway
2005 Queen of Festivals Kalie Larson Cole
Aqua Princess Cindy Dokkebakken Haim
International Princess Kari Michaelis Freeman
2006 Queen of Festivals Lindsey Saunders Meyer
Aqua Princess Jackie Mootz Parks
International Princess Samantha Sobiek Heitke
2007 Queen of Festivals Kaley Hanson Krause
Aqua Princess Katie Simenson Cunningham
International Princess Ashleigh Leitch
2008 Queen of Festivals Shelby Warner Matsko
Aqua Princess Brittany Holtberg
International Princess Sara Oestreich
2009 Queen of Festivals Jenna Rooda Savoie
Aqua Princess Kelsey Swanson Damhof
International Princess Laura Virgen
2010 Queen of Festivals Kaitlin Schlegel Budish
Aqua Princess Sara Frank Frode
International Princess Lisa Hedlof
2011 Queen of Festivals Megan Michaelis Christensen
Aqua Princess Shelby Morton
International Princess Ashley Bach Smith
2012 Queen of Festivals Shelly Sommers
Aqua Princess Alexandra Wodash
International Princess Tiffany Sieu
2013 Queen of Festivals Marie Niles-Melchert
Aqua Princess Sarah Rodelius
International Princess Kaitlan Bloomquist
2014 Queen of Festivals Laura Swartz
Aqua Princess Tori Hagen
International Princess Danica Seifert
2015 Queen of Festivals Janessa Palmer
Aqua Princess Alizabeth Haug Cordes
International Princess Raquel Aguilar
2016 Queen of Festivals Miranda Roelofs
Aqua Princess Morgan Stoeberl Broberg
International Princess Kadijah Farhat
2017 Queen of Festivals Carly Derouin
Aqua Princess Alicia Holwerda
International Princess Hannah Erickson Blanchette
2018 Queen of Festivals Leslie Alvarez
Aqua Princess Carly Hulstein
International Princess Staci Banks
2019 Queen of Festivals Abby Valladarez
Aqua Princess Brielle Thorpe
International Princess Maddie Stoeberl
2020 Queen of Festivals Abby Valladarez
Aqua Princess Brielle Thorpe
International Princess Maddie Stoeberl
2021 Queen of Festivals Sarah Carlson
Aqua Princess Kacy Knofczynski
International Princess Jacky Diaz
Aquatennial Ambassador Queen of the Lakes and Princess Ambassadors Every year the Queen of Festivals has the opportunity to go on and try to become an Ambassador for the Aquatennial Ambassador organization. Below is a listing of the past Queens that have recieved a title with this organization.
1959 Princess Mary Olson Andrews
1960 Queen of the Lakes Gail Nygaard Anderson
1962 Princess Judy Halvorson Dahlseid
1965 Queen of the Lakes Mary Sue Anderson Finney
1971 Princess Jarolyn Worner Watkins
1973 Princess Deborah Hanson McMurray
1980 Queen of the Lakes Mary Jo Dillenburg Gorman
1986 Princess Ann Rime Kluender
1995 Princess Joy McDonnell Elskamp
1999 Queen of the Lakes Kelly Gahlon Buboltz
2001 Queen of the Lakes Lisa Carlson Tomassen
2007 Princess Lindsey Saunders Meyer
2015 Queen of the Lakes Laura Swartz